research & writing

a short cv

fresh words

“Zoom Can’t Kill the Radio Stars” for French History Network blog, June 23, 2020.

“How to build a scholarly community without leaving your apartment!” for Journal of the History of Ideas blog, January 27, 2020.

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“On What Is Wrong with White Mice: Peter Watkins’s Fällan (1975)” in Future Revolutions: New Perspectives on Peter Watkins, edited by Wolf Kino (Berlin: Pogobooks Verlag, 2018), 92-99.


“Cite Specific: Using Endnotes to Teach Historical Methods,” Perspectives: The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association (December 2016).


Review of Nic Maclellan, Grappling with the Bomb: Britain’s Pacific H-Bomb Tests (Australian National University Press, 2017) in Canadian Journal of History, vol. 53, no. 3 (Winter 2018): 610-612.


Review of Andrew Tompkins, Better Active Than Radioactive! Antinuclear Protest in 1970s France and West Germany (Oxford University Press, 2016) in H-France Review, vol. 18, no. 4 (March 2018).

in the works

“The Commune in Full Play: Three 1871s for the Twenty-First Century,” an essay in progress for Phantasms of the Red Republic: The Paris Commune in Popular Culture, eds. Eric D. Smith and Phillip E. Wegner (under contract with Brill; publication expected 2021).

“The Atomic Republic: France as a Nuclear Weapons Power, 1958 to the Present,” an essay in progress for The Handbook of French History (under contract with Routledge; publication expected 2021).

Digitizing WWII
-a French World War II & Liberation-era poster digitization project with the SFU Library

Club Atomique: The French Bomb in Culture and Empire, 1945-1966
-book project

“Au service de la France: Nostalgia & the “Events” of 1960 on Contemporary French Television
-article manuscript

“Regarding the Pain of Algerians: French Nuclear Photography, Atrocity, and Memory in Algeria, 1960-66”
-article manuscript

The Peaceful Uses of Outerspace
-scholarly research, writing & visual art project

upcoming presentations

Moderator and organizer, SFU HISTORY READS: Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed (2019 ed.) with Mary-Ellen Kelm, Deanna Reder, and Alix Shield, Vancouver, BC (March 2020).

“Later-Time Reggane: Fictions of French Nuclear Testing in the Sahara,” Desert Futures: Sahara workshop/symposium, Whitney Center for the Humanities, Yale University, (April 2020-POSTPONED due to COVID-19).

Roundtable participant, “Teaching French History in a Global Frame,” Society for French Historical Studies, Auckland, NZ (July 2020).

Moderator and roundtable participant, “The Rainbow Warrior Bombing 35 Years Later,” Society for French Historical Studies, Auckland, NZ (July 2020).