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From March 18th through early June 2021, I hosted La Commune 2021, a virtual free school focused on the Paris Commune of 1871 in collaboration with UNIT/PITT Society for Art and Critical Awareness

So excited to be headed to Virginia in April for the 7th Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference. While I’m in the area, I’ll be giving two presentations, one at the Department of History at the University of Virginia, the other at the Department of History at Virginia Tech.

This year’s event went so well, and was written up here.

In the months leading up to Joan Wallach Scott’s October 2018 visit to Vancouver, I assembled a series of 51 video readings to honour the 30th anniversary of Gender and the Politics of History (Columbia University Press, 1988). You can read more about the project and view the full video installation here (via the Columbia University Press blog).